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Could Crypto Trading Be Nigeria’s Economic Messiah?

Data sources from Google Trends shows that Lagos, Nigeria ranks as the number one city based on the volume of online searches for Bitcoin (BTC). While this data might alarm you if you still think crypto trading is scam, this data most definitely shows a high level of interest among the city’s approximately 21 million people. What […]Read More

Economic Consequence of Hike in Nigeria’s Unemployment Rates

In 2019, Nigeria’s unemployment rate stood at 23.1 percent of the workforce in the third quarter, up from 18.1 percent of the previous year. In 2020, Nigeria’s unemployment rate came in at 27.1 percent, the highest on record which the government blamed on the coronavirus pandemic and the fall in global oil price. Facts however still remain that restive […]Read More

Expert Says Nigeria Has Lost N11.6 trillion to COVID-19

Financial analyst Tony Edeh has put the cost of the coronavirus pandemic on the Nigerian economy at N11. 6 trillion while discussing triggering inflation and the economy. While decrying poor Foreign Direct Investment, FDI inflows into the country in the past few years, Edeh told The Vanguard that the country was steadily slipping into recession […]Read More