Cholera Epidemic Kills 55 People In Northern Mozambique

According to UNICEF, 55 people have died of Cholera in northern Mozambique since the beginning of the year.

The country has recorded nearly 5,000 cases of the disease among hundreds of thousands of displaced persons forced to abandon their homes and seek refuge with relatives or in camps.

Daniel Timme, a UNICEF spokesman in Mozambique said: “The situation is not good. The water supply and sanitation facilities are insufficient and need an immediate boost.”

UNICEF announced that its top priority is on those who have survived the violence and are now ‘’at risk of being affected by infections linked to poor sewage treatment.” Timme stressed that the local population was also affected.

In 2019, Mozambique confirmed over 3,100 cholera cases following the onset of Cyclone Idai. The country undertook a vaccination campaign in the storm-hit city of Beira after it took delivery of nearly 900,000 doses.

In Cabo Delgado, over 1,500 cumulative cases of cholera and 25 cumulative deaths was reported since the beginning of the outbreak in January 2020 until the end of July. 

Patsy Nwogu

Reporting on data-driven featured stories and investigations.

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