Use Our Visualizations

Use our Visualizations

Our vision is of a world where any complex data can be explained using visuals.

And this is why we allow most of our original visualizations to be used by others – free of charge.


Individuals, organizations, or corporations wanting to use our content can follow the below guidelines to use our work;

– Please use our content as it is, do not make modifications the text content, size, or  graphics

– Also ensure you link back to the original source (Twentyten)

– Lastly, include an attribution to “Twentyten”

So long you keep to our guidelines above, you are allowed to use our content. In a case where you want to make edits of our graphics, text, include translations, remove branding, or more, you will be required to licence it for professional use.

Industry leaders use license our content and use them in ways that meet their needs. You can contact us with your visuals needs to purchase a license.


– Government: Turn your policies, reports and financial reports or instruments into visually captivating content. Build more trust with your citizens and constituents. ​

– Media: Say no to boring articles and stories, Captivate your readers and audience with static, interactive and video infographics that keep them engaged and returning.

– Private: Keep your internal stakeholders engaged with visually engaging presentations and reports that ensure quick insight and comprehension.

– Non-profit and Civil Society: Improve your advocacy and reach new audiences in ways that keep them interacting with your work and making decisions based on it. Show your funders you understand how to maintain interaction with your stakeholders.