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What Is The ‘La Nina’ And How Would It Affect

The United Nations weather agency has predicted a mysterious weather pattern that could worsen climate patterns across the globe. Last Wednesday, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said La Nina conditions, which involve a large-scale cooling of ocean surface temperatures, have strengthened in the eastern and central equatorial Pacific with an increase in trade winds in […]Read More

A Look At South Africa’s Transition To Low-Carbon Economy

To prevent the catastrophic impacts of climate change, a pact signed and detailed in the Paris Agreement called for countries to limit global warming to 2ºC. To stay within the carbon budget, the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gas emissions should not exceed 450 ppm CO2 for E5.  Like other continents in the world, Africa recognizes […]Read More

How A Solar Company Plans To Rid Nigeria Of Diesel

An Indian owned start-up, Husk Power Systems, is raising about $100 million in funding to scale up its Nigerian operations. As a part of its commitment to the UN energy compact, Husk would invest a majority of the funds into increasing its number of mini solar grids in Nigeria from 6 to 500 over the […]Read More

Tropical Cyclone Gombe Death Toll Rises To 53 In Mozambique

The National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC) has announced the death of at least 53 persons after tropical Cyclone Gombe hit Mozambique last week. The institute announced another 80 people were injured and 400,000 affected since the cyclone swept into northern and central areas of the country, flooding towns and destroying houses. Additional data also […]Read More

Deadly Tropical Storm Hit Major Countries In Southern Africa

Over 70 people have reportedly died following torrents of rain that hit three southern African countries after making landfall on Monday. Mozambique, Madagascar and Malawi were all affected. According to varying reports, Tropical Storm Ana first made landfall Monday in Madagascar before ploughing into Mozambique and Malawi, causing buildings to collapse due to landslides. Madagascar […]Read More

2.4 Million People In Need Of Urgent Aide As Drought

Since September, much of Kenya’s north has received less than 30 percent of normal rainfall – the worst short-rain season recorded in decades, according to the Famine Early Warning Systems Network. The lack of rainfall has wiped out pastures and exacerbated food and water shortages. Last month, the United Nations said it predicted about 2.4 […]Read More

Climate Change: Global Temperature Rises To 2.7-Degree Celsius

The United Nations has again asked that G20 countries come through on their promise to reduce carbon pollution as the planet’s temperature rises to a catastrophic average of 2.7-degree Celsius in this century. Just days before the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, the UN’s Environment Programme (UNEP) urged countries to be more committed to greenhouse […]Read More

700,000 People Affected By Floods In South Sudan

The worst flooding that parts of South Sudan have seen in 60 years now drowns the homes of 700,000 people, according to the UN’s latest reports. This is the third straight year of extreme flooding in South Sudan, further imperilling the livelihoods of many of the 11 million people in the world’s youngest country. A […]Read More