Deadly Tropical Storm Hit Major Countries In Southern Africa

Over 70 people have reportedly died following torrents of rain that hit three southern African countries after making landfall on Monday. Mozambique, Madagascar and Malawi were all affected.

According to varying reports, Tropical Storm Ana first made landfall Monday in Madagascar before ploughing into Mozambique and Malawi, causing buildings to collapse due to landslides.

Madagascar has reported 41 dead and about 130,000 displaced, Mozambique has reported a death toll of 18 while Malawi levels death toll at 11.

Remnants of the storm have passed over Zimbabwe, but no deaths have been reported there.

In the three hardest-hit countries, tens of thousands of homes were said to have collapsed under the heavy rain, trapping victims in the rubble, while bridges were washed away by swollen rivers. The flood submerged fields, killing livestock and ultimately destroying the livelihoods of rural families.

In northern and central Mozambique, Ana destroyed 10,000 homes, dozens of schools and hospitals.

Unicef said the storm is a blunt reminder that the climate crisis is a reality.

The organization said: “The tropical storm sheds a light again on the risks and consequences of climate emergencies in the region, as well as the need for immediate humanitarian assistance from the onset.”

Southern parts of Africa has repeatedly been struck by severe storms and cyclones in recent years and now, experts say more serious thunderstorms are coming in the next few days.

The United Nations recently warned that another storm has formed over the Indian Ocean and is expected to make landfall at the weekend.

Patsy Nwogu

Reporting on data-driven featured stories and investigations.

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