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Over 1 Million People In Madagascar In Need Of Urgent

Amnesty International has asked the world and Madagascar’s government to step up relief efforts for over a million people affected by drought in southern Madagascar. More than a million people on Madagascar’s parched southern tip are on the brink of famine and some are already dying, the global rights watchdog said in a report on […]Read More

Covid-19 Pandemic And Its Effects On Global Hunger

A recent report by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) shared that the pandemic has made the world more vulnerable to food insecurity, pushing the aim to eradicate global hunger by 2030 further down the road. Due to the dramatic worsening of world hunger in 2020, the world agency reports that around a tenth […]Read More

’13 Million Nigerians Risk Acute Food Insecurity’

The 2021 Global Report on Food Crises has stated that Nigeria is among six countries in Africa with the worst food crises and some 13 million Nigerians risk falling into acute food insecurity. The GRFC is prepared by 16 leading global and regional organisations belonging to the Global Network Against Food Crises. It is released […]Read More