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19 People Confirmed Dead After Herder-Farmer Clash In Chad

The death toll in southern Chad has risen to 19 after a clash between herders and farmers earlier this month, according to a new toll released on Tuesday by the local prosecutor’s office. Tensions between the semi-nomadic Arab herders and sedentary farming folk frequently arise in central and southern Chad, where many inhabitants are armed. […]Read More

Can Climate Change Be Blamed For The Recent Rise In

Experts have warned that climate change and insecurity, especially in vulnerable countries in Africa and Asia, are exacerbating illegal immigration to Europe through very dangerous routes. Between January and May this year, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, also known as FRONTEX recorded the arrival of some 86,000 illegal migrants, 82% higher than in […]Read More

EU Pledges $630m to Africa As Food Crisis Worsens

As the war between Russia and Ukraine rages on, vulnerable countries in Africa and across the globe continue to suffer from a worsening food security crisis. The European Union recently pledged 600 million euros ($630m) to help these countries cope with their new realities. The funds include €150 million ($158m) in humanitarian assistance for African, […]Read More

How Climate Shocks Is Worsening Food Crisis In Sudan

Sudan is one of the countries suffering greatly from the adverse effects of climate change, political turmoil, and rising global food prices. According to a new report by the United Nation, more than 30% of Sudan’s population are currently experiencing acute food insecurity. Acute food insecurity is defined as a situation when a person’s inability […]Read More

45 Countries Face High Risk Of Food Crisis

A study by Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, has shown that about 45 countries around the world are severely exposed to the Ukraine war-induced food crisis. BCG, in a report titled, ‘The war in Ukraine and the rush to feed the world’, said it explored in detail the multiple direct and indirect […]Read More

Here Is Why The United Nations Is Worried For People

The United Nations has warned that about 18 million people living in Africa’s Sahel region would face severe hunger in the next three months, citing the effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the coronavirus pandemic, climate-induced shocks and rising costs. The dire situation could force more people to migrate out of the affected areas, according […]Read More

What Is Driving The Worsening Food Crisis In South Sudan

A new report by the United Nations revealed that up to 7.7 million people in South Sudan – some 63 percent of the population – are currently facing a food crisis. Since its independence in 2011, the oil-rich state has suffered instability, driven by extreme weather conditions, and internal armed conflict. Now the UN’s reports share […]Read More

Infographics: How Bad Is The Drought Situation In Somalia?

According to a new report by Save the Children NGO, the drought crisis in Somalia is the worst it has been in 100 years, forcing millions of families to leave their homes in search of food and water. ·Save the Children ran a multi-sectoral rapid needs assessment of 1,770 randomly… You must be registered to […]Read More