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10million Girls At Risk Of Child Marriage Over The Next

The United Nations Children’s Fund has said over the next decade, up to 10 million more girls will be at risk of becoming child brides as a result of the pandemic. UNICEF’s projection was tied to the increases through various pathways, including economic shocks, school closures and interruptions in services. Worldwide, an estimated 650 million […]Read More

Voting Rights For Underaged Married Girls: Is Nigeria Really Ready

Myriads of problems have characterized the election process in Nigeria. There have always been controversies around voters’ intimidation and harassment, ballot box snatching and falsification of election results, underage voting, weak political institutions, and vote-buying. The Electoral Act Amendment Bill has been an avenue to address these underlying issues in Nigeria’s electoral system.  The National Assembly […]Read More

NASS Proposes Voting Rights for Underage Marriage

The National Assembly joint committee on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recommended that married underage girls be recognised as eligible voters. Speaking at the inauguration of the technical committee in Abuja, Kabiru Gaya, chairman of the senate committee on INEC, said the recommendation is a unanimous decision by the joint panel. “The joint committee […]Read More