Nigeria Sustains over 1000 Daily Record of Covid19 Cases

In the second week of the new year, reported cases of COVID-19 surpassed 9000 with an average record of 1360.5 cases reported in a day.

The total number of cases reported between 8th of January and 14 of January 2021 is 9524. The highest daily record was 1585 cases on Saturday while 1024 cases were the lowest daily record on Sunday, 10th January.

The week started with 1544 reported cases on Friday and hit its peak on Saturday then dropped on Sunday. However, by the end of Monday, cases consistently increased from 1244 to 1270 (Tuesday), 1398 (Wednesday) and 1479 on Thursday.

The total number of cases reported in the first 14 days of 2021 is 17,878. Nigeria, as at 14th January 2021, has a total number of 105,478 cases, 83,830 discharged and 1,405 deaths.

Kehinde Ogunyale

Reporting on the data-driven economy, and investigations.

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