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COVID-19: World Bank Mobilizes $157bn In 15 Months

The World Bank Group has said it has provided over $157billion in 15 months as financing relief to help developing countries survive the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was according to a press statement titled ‘World Bank Group’s $157bn pandemic surge is largest crisis response in its history’ which was published on the bank’s […]Read More

South Africa Faces Food And Fuel Shortage Crisis

Community leaders in areas affected by the week-long violent protests have addressed residents to end the looting in South Africa to allow the country to thrive. The unrest was sparked by last week’s imprisonment of ex-President Jacob Zuma, which spiralled into days of looting in two of the country’s nine provinces. South Africa’s police say […]Read More


ANALYSIS: COVID-19, Cholera Threaten Nigeria Health System

Nigeria’s health care system might be under pressure to intensify efforts as it battles the increasing cases of COVID-19 and Cholera outbreaks in some states. COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria had entered its third wave after the recent upsurge in reported cases. Nigeria now has over 168,000 cases of the virus with over 164,000 discharged and […]Read More

What Is The Delta Variant? All You Need To Know

Africa Centres For Disease Control (CDC) has reported a 40% in hospitalization in Africa and a daily record high infection rates in the country. The new more transmissible Delta variant is believed to be the reason behind this vicious third wave. First detected in India, this highly contagious (and possibly more severe)  SARS-CoV-2 virus strain has now […]Read More

‘160m Children In Child Labour’

The International Labour Organisation (ILO)  and the United Nation International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has  raised the alarm on the increasing number of child labour worldwide. The duo said that the number of children in child labour has risen to 160 million worldwide adding that nine million additional children were at risk as a result […]Read More


ANALYSIS: COVID-19 Impact Hit Hard On Food Prices

As Nigeria gradually heals up from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its economy, Nigerians are still finding it difficult to adjust to the skyrocketing prices of food stuff despite key indicators showing a slight relief on the country’s economy. Twentyten gathered that averagely, the prices of every ‘regularly consumed’ food product had doubled […]Read More

COVID-19 And Its Impact On Rural Development In Zaria Local

This story is a result of Orodata’s Micro-Grant support to journalists to produce in-depth investigative and data-driven stories on thematic areas like Development, Healthcare, Covid-19, and Covid-19 Vaccine. Northern Nigeria is on the frontline of the Sahara Desert, where the effects of climate change manifest ominously as desert encroachment, erratic rainfall, and a drastic reduction […]Read More

Namibia Imposes New Covid-19 Restrictions As Cases Spike

The Namibian government’s new decree would limit public gathering drastically as the country struggles to contain the spread of Covid-19. According to the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the southern African country has recorded the highest number of new cases per million people per day with over 1,200 detected on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. […]Read More

South Africa Orders Tighter Covid-19 Restrictions

The South African government has reinstated strict Covid-19 restrictions on public gathering and Liquor sales as the country record a surge of Covid-19 cases. According to the health ministry,  COVID-19 related admissions have increased by 59% over the past two weeks. According to Johns Hopkins University, South Africa’s seven-day rolling average of daily new cases […]Read More

AfDB: $10bn COVID-19 Fund Boosting Africa’s Recovery

The African Development Bank has said the intervention package of its $10 billion COVID-19 relief facility which has it began disbursing since the heat of the pandemic in 2020 is boosting the recovery of several African countries. The Vice President, Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery Complex, Khaled Sherif, stated this at the bank’s pre-annual […]Read More