How Insurgency Claimed Over 10,000 Lives In 2021

An analysis by Twentyten Daily has shown that a total of 10,366 individuals were killed by insurgency attacks or interventions in 2021. These figures indicated that at least 24 people died everyday owing to the constant insecurity threat facing the country.

The figures, which were obtained from the compilation of media reported killings in 2021, was published by SBM intelligence, a Nigerian leading geopolitical  intelligence platform. According to SBMintel, theses violence included attacks from Boko Haram insurgency, militia herdsmen, abductions, gang or cultist clashes terrorists and intervientions by the armed forces.

The breakdown of people killed includes civilians, terrorists, Boko Haram members, cultists, security operatives, kidnappers and others.

By geopolitical zone; the northern region recorded a total  of 83,71 deaths while the southern region had 1,995 deaths reported. Of this breakdown, the North-west had more cases of deaths reported while the South-west with the minimum deaths reported within the year.

Recall that Twentyten Daily had published that at least 30 people were killed daily in the first nine months of the year. In his new year address, President Muhamadu Buhari said he was committed to protecting Nigerians and ending the insecurity in the country. He said,“I would like to take a moment to remember and honour the gallant Military, Police Officers, and other security agents who have lost their lives in the cause of protecting the territorial integrity of this Nation against both internal and external aggressors, assuring their families that their sacrifices would not be in vain,” he said.

“We equally remember and commiserate with Nigerians who have lost loved ones as a result of insecurity in different parts of the country. Every life matters and every single death caused by any form of insecurity is a matter of personal concern to me both as a citizen and as the President of this great country.”

Highlights of the data

  • It was safer to live in Jigawa in 2021, as the data showed that it has the lowest record of killings. Other safe states within the period are Bauchi and Kano.
  • Deaths reported between October and December was lower than other quarters in the year
  • Borno state recorded the highest number of deaths in the first and fourth quarter of the year.
  • The chances of being a victim to insurgency is slim in the South-West region compared to any Northern region in 2021.
  • For every 1 person killed in South-West region, at least 7 persons died in the North-West when compared.
  • The media reported over 3,000 deaths in the second quarter of 2021, which was the highest record in the year.
  • A total of 915 security personnel were killed in 2021. 346 in Q1; 296 in Q2; 176 in Q3 and 97 in Q4. Note that security personnel referred to in this report are the officially recognized forces in the country.
  • For every 1 security personnel killed, at least 10 individuals died during the year. Note that these individuals includes civilians and terrorist group members.
  • An overview of reported killings in all quarters showed that Borno, Kaduna, Niger and Zamfara surpassed all other states when compared.
  • Civilians were killed more than any other group during the year; a total of 5,206 civilians.

Kehinde Ogunyale

Reporting on the data-driven economy, and investigations.

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