COVID-19: Vaccination Administered Per 100 People

The United Kingdom was the first country to start administering the coronavirus vaccines on December 8, 2020; then, other countries followed suit. Israel was also part of the first countries to begin rolling out vaccines; it began vaccinations on December 20, 2020.

Israel took the lead as the country that has administered more vaccines per hundred people as of January 6, 2021. About an average of 150,000 people were inoculated in a day in Israel; the country has vaccinated close to 15% of its population in two weeks. Although countries like Canada and the United Kingdom started vaccination before Israel, the number of doses administered by each country can not be compared because Canada is around 450 times larger than Israel and has more than 27 million people, so vaccinating the Canadian population has more hurdles.

Damilola Oluwasanmi

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