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Here Is How Namibia’s Hydrogen Plants Could Improve Electricity In

Namibia is creating clean energy sources to tackle its electricity problems through its newly developed hydrogen power systems. A senior executive at HDF Energy shared that the new green hydrogen power plant in Namibia, Africa’s first, would start producing electricity by 2024, putting an end to Namibia’s dependency on South Africa for up to a […]Read More

Infographics: The Catastrophic Effects Of Flooding in Chad

Since the start of the rainy season,  above-normal rainfall has left vast areas of Chad submerged under water. Aid groups and the state’s weather agency have revealed that many people have been forced out of their homes as parts of the country are now only accessible through boats. In N’Djamena, the country’s capital, families have […]Read More

Special Report: Here is Why Children Are Dying Every Day

For five years now, the Horn of Africa has been hit by consecutive failed rainy seasons, leading to one of the worst famines experienced in these regions in a decade. The famine is destroying crops and driving the cost of food out of reach of many. In Somalia alone, 7 million people (out of a […]Read More

Death Toll Rise To 89 As Seasonal Flood Continue In

In Sudan, the rainy season usually starts in June and lasts until the end of September, with floods peaking in August and September. This year is no different. New reports have shown torrential rains hit Sudan at the start of the rainy season, causing a number of casualties. The death toll from flash floods in […]Read More

Japan Joins Investment Pool, Pledges $30 Billion in Aid for

Japan has joined other countries like China and Russia to compete in Africa’s investment market. The country recently pledged $30 billion in aid for development in Africa, saying it wants to work more closely with the continent. At the eighth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD8) held in Tunisia, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said […]Read More

Debt Relief: Is China Considering Blanket Forfeiture Of Africa’s Debt?

Shortly after Covid-19’s destructive impact on the global economy, the Russian invasion hit the world, further worsening the economic outlook for vulnerable economies. Africa, already drowning in debt is left with no choice but to borrow more if it must survive these challenging times. According to the African Development Bank… You must be registered to […]Read More

What You Need To Know About The Highly Infectious Marburg

On Monday, Ghana’s Ministry of Health officially confirmed two cases of the Marburg virus after two people who later died tested positive for the virus in the first week of the month. As expected, the recent detection has driven speculations on if the virus originates from Africa and how high or low its fatality rate is. Here […]Read More

Should You Be Worried About The New Cases Of Coronavirus

As the world slowly eases restrictions and adjusts to life post-covid, countries have recorded new frightening cases of the coronavirus. According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), about 144 cases of covid-19 were recorded from August 14 to 15, 2022. On its official website on Tuesday, the NCDC stated that out of the […]Read More

Is West Africa At Risk Of A Reemergence Of The

On Monday, August 21, 2022, the National Institute for Biomedical Research in the Democratic Republic of Congo announced a new case of Ebola virus infection in the country. The new case confirmed in the city of Beni in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, comes barely a month after the Ministry of Health (MoH) of the […]Read More