COVID-19: Mass Vaccination

Mass vaccination against the coronavirus that has globally killed more than 1.7 million people has started. The United Kingdom was the first country to start the vaccination. A global database on covid-19 vaccination is not yet available; this data’s availability will enable the proper monitoring of the vaccination progress.

As there are rays of hope since the advent of the vaccines, which could mean the end of this deadly virus, over 30 countries have started the vaccine rollout, the rest of the world is at the back of the line, especially the low and middle-income countries.

Countries That Have Commenced COVID-19 Vaccination

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There have been concerns about the possibilities of low-income countries getting the covid-19 vaccines anytime soon, partly due to rich countries purchasing many times the number of doses that can vaccinate the entire populations of their countries. No African country have started coronavirus vaccination. According to a coalition of international organizations, there were warnings that 90% of people in low income and middle-income countries will not receive vaccinations in 2021.

53% of the most promising vaccines have been bought by rich countries, which constitutes only 14% of the world’s population, and currently, 96% of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines have been purchased by wealthy countries. Developing countries and low-income countries are dependent on the world health organization’s COVAX Program. The COVAX has been able to secure 700 million doses, which can only vaccinate 10% of the people in the 67 poorer nations.

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