What To Know About The National Integrated Infrastructure Masterplan (NIMP)

The Nigerian Aviation sector recently called on foreign and local investors to join the Public-Private Partnerships process for airport management, as the sector opens vast opportunities for return on investments.

The sector was recently charged to contribute about $5 billion out of the $3.10 trillion required by the National Integrated Infrastructure Masterplan (NIMP) over 25 years through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), according to recent reports.

The NIMP is charging the sector this amount with hopes of a good influx of foreign investors that would help to ramp up the 56% of revenue in investments required from the country’s private sector.

What Is The National Integrated Infrastructure Masterplan

The NIMP is a group of strategic ideas by the government of Nigeria, made to guide Nigeria’s infrastructure investment, add value to the national economy and in particular enhance private sector participation in infrastructural development.

In the most recent revised version of the NIMP, a total infrastructure investment of USD 2.3 trillion is required for 25 years, of which about $150 billion is needed annually (by both the private and public sectors) to finance infrastructure investments.

Over the medium-term period of 2021-2025, the share of the private sector in total investment requirement is higher at 56 per cent while the public sector (Federal and States) make up the remaining 44 per cent.

The estimated annual investment requirement for Vital Registration & Security in this period (2021-2025) is $3.0 billion; Social Infrastructure is $7.5 billion; ICT is $16.6 billion; Housing & Regional Development is $16.5 billion; Agriculture, Water & Mining is $19.5 billion; Transport is $37.5 billion; and Energy is $49.5 billion.

The largest investment needs are in energy (N1.2 trillion) and transport (N900 billion) sectors both of which represents more than 50.0 per cent of the required infrastructure investments over the plan period.

Patsy Nwogu

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