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The Big Three Vaccine: Facts, Figures and Possibilities

HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria are known as the ‘Big Three’ infectious diseases, reports by the WHO shows that the ‘trio’ killed more than 2.8 million people in 2020. HIV/AIDS is still a global health crisis, especially in Africa, the first case was reported over 40 years ago. Africa makes up about 15.2% of the world’s […]Read More

Over 9 in 10 Nigerian Youth Ready To Combat Against

According to a new research, findings showed that 9 in 10 Nigerian youth want to take personal action in the fight against malaria, with over half (58%) believing the disease can be eliminated in their lifetimes. With COVID-19 diverting attention from malaria, over half (58%) believe they are the generation to end the disease, despite […]Read More