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Over 100 People Killed In Deadly Attack In Ethiopia’s Oromia

More than 100 indigenes of the Amhara ethnic group have been killed in a deadly attack in Ethiopia’s Oromia region by suspected members of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). According to witnesses, bodies counted and buried in mass graves have numbered up to 300, while many others are still reported… You must be registered to […]Read More

Why Is The UNHCR Calling For Evacuation Aid In Ethiopia?

Set by the border between Sudan and Ethiopia, is a small regional state in northwestern Ethiopia called Benishangul Gumuz. This region is home to over 700,000 people of which 70,000 are Sudanese and South Sudanese refugees and over 500,000 people are internally displaced Ethiopians. Conflict recently broke out in the town of Tongo reportedly between […]Read More

Scores Of Villages Killed In Ethiopia’s Amhara Region, Officials Say

Local officials have said more than 120 civilians were massacred in Ethiopia’s Amhara region earlier this month by Tigray forces, but the group from neighbouring Tigray have denied their involvement. The killings in Chenna village, near the town of Dabat, took place in early September, according to Sewnet Wubalem, the local administrator in Dabat, and […]Read More