Orodata selects participants for Data collections, Frontline Investigative programs

Orodata Science and Open Lab Cities are proud to announce the successful selection of its team of data collectors and journalists and the commencement of Data Collection and Frontline Investigative Programs. This is marking a significant milestone in the program’s mission to uncover the present state of Primary Health Care Centres in six (6) selected states in Nigeria. After an extensive and highly competitive recruitment process, these dedicated individuals will now embark on a journey to shed light on vital stories that impact our Primary Health Care Centres.

The selection process carefully curated a team that boasts diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, ensuring that they can embark on their duties with exceptional professionalism and integrity. With the data collectors’ ability to unearth hidden facts and the journalists’ skill in storytelling, the Frontline Investigative Program is poised to provide in-depth, compelling insights into the state of Primary health care centres in our communities.


The Data Collection and Frontline Investigative Programs are now in motion, with the selected team ready to delve into their assignment. The program’s commitment to uncovering the truth about our Primary Health Care centres and facilitating social change remains steadfast, and with the expertise and passion of these new team members, we are confident in their ability to make a profound impact. Stay tuned for groundbreaking reports that will shed light on the state of Health care in selected states in Nigeria.

For more information about the Frontline Investigative Program and to stay updated on their investigative work, please contact Uche Oti at uche@orodata.org or +2348034333640.

About Orodata Science:

Orodata Science is a nonprofit organisation promoting public health, fostering data-driven solutions, and addressing health disparities globally. With a team of passionate experts and dedicated volunteers, Orodata Science works tirelessly to create sustainable improvements in Independent Media, Transparency and accountability, Equitable access to information, and Equitable public service delivery.

Ibraheem Alawode

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