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Orodata launches data collection project, calls for volunteer

Orodata Science, a nonprofit and civic technology organisation advancing data-driven solutions for institutional improvement and committed to promoting public health, has announced the commencement of a data collection project in six selected states across Nigeria. To accomplish the project launched is in partnership with Open Cities Lab, Orodata seeks dedicated and passionate individuals to join us as Data Collection Volunteers.

The primary objective of this endeavour is to systematically collect vital health-related data from designated primary healthcare centres. The overarching goal is to augment the quality of healthcare provision, facilitate informed regional policy formulation, and establish a dependable repository of healthcare data, fostering more effective and evidence-driven decision-making processes.

The project, set to begin on Wednesday 30 August, 20203, will span three months, during which trained volunteers from local communities will collaborate with Orodata Science to collect comprehensive data on various health indicators. The states selected for the project include Anambra, Benue, Cross Rivers, Osun, Sokoto & Taraba States, representing a diverse cross-section of Nigeria’s population.

Centred on enhancing primary healthcare provisions, the data collection initiative will assume a pivotal role in discerning prevailing health concerns, assessing current assets, and advancing health infrastructure within the designated areas.

Harnessing the potential of data, Orodata Science endeavours to empower regional communities, policymakers, and healthcare professionals with well-founded insights. This enables them to make judicious decisions and effectively tackle urgent health challenges based on evidence-driven approaches.

“By volunteering your time and effort, you can contribute to generating credible, valuable data that will help shape better healthcare policies and practices in selected Primary Health Care centres in six (6) selected states in Nigeria,” John Eromosele, Orodata Science Operations and Business Development Lead.

“Since 2020, Orodata Science and Open Cities Lab (OCL) has engaged in a collaborative effort. This involves gathering comprehensive data and developing tools in alignment with a mutual dedication to propel health innovation, fairness, and inclusivity in Nigeria. Drawing wisdom from past undertakings, our joint endeavours are actively reinforcing healthcare systems, ultimately contributing to a healthier future for communities across Nigeria.”

To be qualified for the volunteer program, you must:

Be Nigerian citizens or legal residents.

Have passion for public health, Data and a genuine interest in community well-being.

Have strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Have the ability to follow guidelines and work independently.

Have a prior experience in data collection or healthcare settings (preferred, but not required).

Be 21 years of age as of 1st of August 2023, enthusiastic, and reliable.

Fill out our application form by 25 August 2023 (23:00 pm GMT +1).

About Orodata Science:
Orodata Science is a nonprofit organisation promoting public health, fostering data-driven solutions, and addressing health disparities globally. With a team of passionate experts and dedicated volunteers, Orodata Science works tirelessly to create sustainable improvements in Independent Media, Transparency and accountability, Equitable access to information, and Equitable public service delivery.

Please contact John Eromosele at and Uche Oti at for additional information.

Ibraheem Alawode

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