Gunmen Attack Oyo State Prison, Free Dozens Of Inmates

Olanrewaju Anjorin, a spokesman of the Oyo correctional centre in Oyo state, has reported a jailbreak after gunmen attacked the facility on Friday night.

The spokesman told The Associated Press news agency on Saturday that the centre could not ascertain the number of prisoners that escaped during the attack.

“I can’t ascertain the number of people that escaped or that were recaptured, but I am telling you that the security has been beefed up around the custodial centre and the town,” he said, adding that an investigation had been opened.

Friday’s attack is the third this year in Nigeria, where jailbreaks are becoming more frequent and police only capture a fraction of those who escape. Lagos-based online newspaper TheCable reported in July this year that at least 4,307 inmates had escaped from prisons since 2017, based on compiled media reports.

In 2021 alone, more than 2,000 inmates were freed in two earlier jailbreaks: on September 13, when 240 inmates were freed after gunmen attacked a detention facility in north-central Kogi state with explosives; and on April 5, when at least 1,800 were freed in the southeast Imo state when another facility was also blown up.

According to a recent report, a good number of prisoners who escaped in such attacks are yet to be convicted and still awaiting trial. Nigerian prisons hold 70,000 inmates but only about 20,000, or 27 percent, have been convicted, according to government data. Human rights groups say prisons are often overcrowded and judicial procedures inefficient.


Patsy Nwogu

Reporting on data-driven featured stories and investigations.

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