Foreign Stock Investors Withdraw N99.94bn

Foreign investors from the Nigerian stock market pulled out a total of N99.94bn in the first four months of 2021.

According to data from the Nigerian Exchange Limited, the foreign portfolio investors injected N78.31bn into the market from January to April.

Foreign portfolio investment outflow includes sales transactions or liquidation of portfolio investments through the stock market, while the FPI inflow includes purchase transactions on the NSE (equities only), according to the bourse.

The NGX, in its latest domestic and foreign portfolio report, said foreign outflow fell to N9.82bn in April from N20.28bn in March.

Foreign investors withdrew N39.05bn in February, up from N30.79bn in January, according to the bourse.

Total transactions at the bourse decreased by 30.01 per cent from N228.49bn (about $560.55m) in March 2021 to N159.93bn (about $389.84m) in April 2021.

Also, the total value of transactions executed by domestic investors in April outperformed transactions executed by foreign investors by about 64 per cent. 

Other Analysis

Further analysis revealed that total domestic transactions decreased from N187.85bn in March to N131.91bn in April– a 29.78 percent drop.

Total foreign transactions decreased by 31.05 percent from N40.64bn (about $99.70m) in March to N28.02bn (about $68.31m) in April.

The NGX said the institutional Investors outperformed retail investors by 44 percent in April.

It added that retail transactions decreased by 66.37 per cent from N108.55bn in March to N36.50bn in April.

“However, the institutional composition of the domestic market increased by 20.32 per cent from N79.30bn in March 2021 to N95.41bn in April 2021,” it said.

The NGX said over a 14-year period, domestic transactions decreased by 59.54 per cent from N3.56tn in 2007 to N1.44tn in 2020 whilst foreign transactions increased by 18.45 per cent from N616bn to N729bn over the same period.

It said, “Total domestic transactions accounted for about 74 per cent of the total transactions carried out in 2020, whilst foreign transactions accounted for about 26 per cent of the total transactions in the same period.

“The transaction data for 2021 shows that total foreign transactions stand at circa N178.25bn, whilst total domestic transactions are about N658.21bn,” it added.

Kehinde Ogunyale

Reporting on the data-driven economy, and investigations.

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