Customs Target N2tn Annual Revenue

The Nigeria Customs Services is proposing to generate N2 trillion this year.

Of this amount expected to be made, the South-West geopolitical zone would generate N1.6 trillion.

According to a report, the NCS generates about 80 percent of its annual revenue from Lagos, Ogun, Ondo and Oyo states.

Data obtained by SHIPS and Ports from Customs showed that the four South-West states account for 80.48 percent of the NCS revenue.

“The data further shows that of the N2tn revenue the NCS expects to realize this year, N1.61tn is expected to be generated in the South-West, N264.2bn from the South-South, and N36.53bn from the South-East.

“The NCS also expects to generate N35.35bn in the North-West, N20.21bn in North-Central, and N662m from the North-East”, the report stated.

Breakdown Analysis

The report added, “Lagos alone accounts for 75.975 per cent while Ogun, Ondo and Oyo contribute 1.249 per cent, 0.004 per cent and 3.142 per cent respectively. Also, the South-West alone hosts 14 of the 36 Customs Area Commands in the country.

“The Area Commands and the chunk of revenue they generate into Customs coffers annually are Apapa (30.359 per cent), PTML (11.911 per cent), Tin Can (25.367 per cent), Tin Can II (1.143 per cent), Kirikiri Lighter Terminal (1.502 per cent) and Lagos Industrial (1.065 per cent).

“Others are Murtala Muhammed Cargo (4.211 per cent), Murtala Muhammed International (0.04 per cent), Seme (0.377 per cent), Ogun I (0.007 per cent), Ogun II (1.242 per cent), Ondo (0.004 per cent), Oyo (3.142 per cent) and the Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone A (0.11 per cent).”

According to the report, the Customs Area Commands in the South-South geopolitical zone generate the second highest revenue for the NCS.

The five Area Commands spread across the six states in the region collectively generate 14.854 per cent of the NCS revenue.

Cross River/Akwa Ibom (0.816 per cent), Delta/Edo (1.643 per cent), Oil & Gas (1.225 per cent), Port Harcourt I (4.16 per cent) and Port Harcourt II Onne (7.01 per cent).

The report stated, “The NCS generates its least revenue from the North-East geopolitical zone, consisting of Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Tarama and Yobe states. Collectively, the zone accounts for a paltry 0.033 per cent of the revenue of Nigeria Customs Service.

“The Customs Area Commands in the region are Adamawa, which collects 0.011 per cent of the NCS annual revenue, Bauchi/Gombe (0 per cent), Borno/Yobe (0.011 per cent) and FOU Zone D (0.011 per cent).”

According to the report, the North-Central zone generates 1.014 per cent in Customs revenue; North-West 1.788 per cent; and South-East 1.83 per cent.

Kehinde Ogunyale

Reporting on the data-driven economy, and investigations.

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