Damilola Oluwasanmi

Damilola is Data Analyst and a Data Storyteller. She enjoys the art of telling stories with the use of data visualization. She has the passion for helping companies to become more data-driven and embracing the power of data storytelling.

Bitcoin/NGN Daily Trading Is Four Times The Value Of Trade

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and with a population of over 200 million people, it has the highest interest in Bitcoin globally. According to a recent report released by Google, Nigeria emerged the first amongst other countries around the world in Bitcoin searches on Google. In the last five years, the number of bitcoin traded […]Read More

COVID-19: Vaccination Administered Per 100 People

The United Kingdom was the first country to start administering the coronavirus vaccines on December 8, 2020; then, other countries followed suit. Israel was also part of the first countries to begin rolling out vaccines; it began vaccinations on December 20, 2020. Israel took the lead as the country that has administered more vaccines per […]Read More

COVID-19: Mass Vaccination

Mass vaccination against the coronavirus that has globally killed more than 1.7 million people has started. The United Kingdom was the first country to start the vaccination. A global database on covid-19 vaccination is not yet available; this data’s availability will enable the proper monitoring of the vaccination progress. As there are rays of hope […]Read More

COVID-19: Vaccine

Every economic sector has been affected by the mayhem and harm that the coronavirus has caused, but then, a particular industry is not just thriving; it is excelling at this time. The covid-19 seems like a huge business opportunity for pharmaceutical companies as we need them in terms of vaccines, testing, and treatments. The “Big […]Read More

Covid-19 Vaccine: COVAX

At the onset of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, it became evident that the world doesn’t only need a vaccine, but it is also crucial that everyone in the world has access to the vaccine; this prompted the global leaders to find a solution to this, hence, the invention of COVAX. COVAX was launched in April […]Read More

Accountability On Covid-19 Donations

The country’s ability to manage the coronavirus’s economic and health effects was severely put to the test in the wake of the pandemic. Oil price was low, the revenue coffer was leaking, and its citizens were made mandatory to stay indoors. Total lockdown was imposed in the country in order to curb the spread of […]Read More

The Cloud Seeding Technology

Water powers our very existence; it is one of the essential substances on earth. All animals and plants need water to survive, and if there is no water, there would be no life on earth as it sustains all life on the planet. About a billion people live in water-scarce areas, the effect of climate […]Read More

Youth Empowerment: The Government’s Plan

The End SARS protest didn’t only tell the world about how youths were brutalized by the Nigerian Police Force, it also showed the level of hope the average Nigerian Youth have about the Nigerian system. Thousands of Youth gathered all over the world in solidarity asking for better treatment from its leaders. Protesters were not […]Read More

Minus 6.1% Growth: The Steepest the Nigeria Economy Has Gone

Major Factors That Influenced The Economic Recession The reports released by the National Bureau of statistics on Saturday, November 21, stated that Nigeria has plunged into economic recession for the second time in 5 years. Considering that Covid-19 gave the citizens a fair share of ‘personal economic recession’ in the wake of 2020 during the […]Read More

Covid-19: The Vaccine Race

Vaccines save millions of lives yearly as it helps to recognize and fight off viruses and bacteria by preparing the body’s immune system, which is our natural defense. According to WHO, more than 100 Covid-19 vaccines are under development, and the organization is trying it’s best to collaborate with scientists and organizations to speed up […]Read More