Angola Moves To Secure 60% Electricity Access Rate By 2025

Currently, in Angola, only one-third of the population has access to electricity under good conditions, this is why the government of Angola is seeking to increase access to electricity for its population.

The government in Angola is looking to create a 60% electricity access rate by 2025.

“The objective is, firstly, the modernization and extension of the electricity network in the four biggest provinces of Angola, but also to work on improving the performance of the public companies in the sector, the three public companies in the production, transport and distribution sector. We are going to create a project management unit at the Ministry of Water and Energy that will supervise the technical issues in the three public companies in the sector to ensure that the project progresses under good conditions and that the financial means are well used,” said Louis Antoine Souchet, head of the French Development Agency in Angola.

 The government also plans on creating three separate agencies responsible for generation, transmission and distribution. The move is aimed at eliminating waste and to achieve efficiency.

The transmission lines are expected to move from the current 2850 kilometres to 15,600 kilometres by 2025 on lines of 60 kilovolts, 220 kilovolts and 400 kilovolts.

International Contribution

According to reports, the World Bank and France have underwritten 344 million euros to help connect the provinces of Benguela, Huambo, Huila and Luanda to the national grid.

Also, French cooperation has shown support projects in Angola linked to rural development and the extension of the urban water network that have already benefited approximately 900,000 inhabitants of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Paris is also supporting Luanda to transform its rural areas by funding projects delivering piped water to small towns. Angola is urbanizing fast but its towns are not properly planned and lack social amenities.

Patsy Nwogu

Reporting on data-driven featured stories and investigations.

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